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Alalyate Offical Website

About Alalyate


"Aamal Al Alalyat” is a Saudi pioneering company in the management, operating and maintenance of gas stations and service centers. The company always ensures the provision of services that coincides with its client aspirations.

Our Services

In addition to a number of new stations that the company is working hard on their designing and constructing according to its new identity.

Traveler Services

Al-Alayat offers many services to travelers

ATM Service

Al Alalyat stations are supplied with ATM


We make sure that all our stations have mosques that are wide enough for many prayer performers

SAMA Market Shop

Aamal AlAlalyat" " ensures the provision of all amenities

Our Stations

"Aamal Al Alalyat" has played a key role, for 24 years, in providing entire modern ways and means that take into account environmental considerations in terms of travelers' safety and comfort.

AL HENAKEYA complex Station

AL HENAKEYA complex offers all petroleum derivatives such as diesel and petrol with its various

Tabuk complex Station

Tabuk complex station provides all kinds of petroleum products such as diesel and petrol

Upcoming Features

The company works on providing all distinguished services for all Saudi routes' travelers

Contact Info

Riyadh - Tel : 4787005 - 4787016 - Fax : 4773075
Madinah - Tel : 014 8615592 - 014 8615747 - Fax : 8615650

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